Words like ‘elegant’ and ‘detailed’ are almost never applicable to teenage boys, but when talking about the kind of work that Joshua Birch Jones produces, they are as accurate as can be. At just 15 years old Josh is one of the youngest fashion designers to showcase his work on the runways of London Fashion Week and INTERNATIONAL Fashion Weeks Amsterdam alongside established, adult designers. And it is his mature work ethic and eye for detail that have earned him those spots. Josh began his design career at 4 years old by sketching his mother’s evening dresses and then altering their designs to suit his vision. More than 10 years later and Josh is still fascinated by the endless possibilities in creating evening or red-carpet gowns. He takes inspiration from the women and the world around him in crafting each collection, the first of which was shown in the spring of 2018, called City Life. His second and third, Sweet Dreams and Moonlight, respectively, reflect his growing confidence as an artist and his drive to keep learning and experimenting.

From his garden workshop in Kent, Josh has created three complete collections and is currently working on his fourth. Although clearly an already talented and hard-working professional, he is always keen to learn new skills of design and construction, a curiosity that will serve him well as he chases down his dream of becoming a household name synonymous with luxury. He wants the fashion, the industry influence, and the je ne sais quoi of Chanel, and he is prepared to work hard to achieve it.

At 15 Josh doesn’t see the risks or potential for failure in such an endeavour. He sees opportunities to sharpen his skills and to empower women who wear his designs.


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